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Hoodies for the Homeless and Leijas present For The Greater Hood, a Pop-Up Store in TriBeCa inspired by the need to recognize humanity in each and every individual experiencing homelessness. With music, live art, buzz cuts, swag bags, and more. attendees won’t just leave with hoodies (and other goodies), they will leave with a feeling of value and importance.

Invites will be extended to residents currently living in NYC shelters, in coordination with CitiLeaf Housing, the Urban Resource Institute (URI) and the Coalition for the Homeless.

Or donate on Venmo @goodhood

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Hoodies for the Homeless

Was created by Tavis Sage Eaton and the band PushMethod. They ask guests to bring a hoodie to their concerts, sometimes in lieu of a ticket purchase, leading to over 30,000 hoodies collected (so far). What’s more, soon they'll be announcing the creation of a device that will have a major impact on improving the comfort of those who live in shelters and on our streets, truly turning music into action.


How Hoodies works

We host live music events that bring the masses together on the issue of homelessness and inspire fan participation by having the concert goers bring a hoodie to donate.

We work with NYC organizations (Coalition for the homeless, NY Giants) to distribute the hoodies directly to the backs of the homeless.

We run social campaigns to bring awareness to the issue of homelessness through art, fashion and music.

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